Los dolores se van cuando no estoy aquí.


Everything we ever knew I knew from you

We just fit like 2 and there’s no one else I’m in2

But the reason means more than that cos as the seasons change

All I wanted was a sequel

All I wanted was the principal that love was first

But love placed you high and love fell harder had a bad fall and the bang was bitter

I want to fix it i want it back.

But heart hurts where it’s meant to beat.

Aches. Pain. Sorrow. Anything to mute this out.

My heart prays you’re okay, my fingers don’t seem to listen.

Your face in everywhere I go. Mine, It falls.


In a world where they say we can have anything we desire,

My desire is happiness,

My desire is you in all you are and nothing more or less.

My desire is the wonder of all we can be

Maybe all we can be is all that we are

God, I wish that’s not true.

I KNOW that’s not true.

Because I’ve put 2+2 and it equals me and you.

I don’t turn to skies for help but Mothers heard me pray.

Bayleaves and “ven a mi” is like a hoax of some sort of desperation play.

Not happy with an image that comes before me but learnt to agree.

Takes a lot of growing and i need to be a better me.

Join me on the clouds, come meet me at 9.

For as long as you want, stay.

And bring that unfinished bottle of rosé..

I don’t mean to come on strong but please hurry.

I need to feel your touch, lord knows it’s divine

It’s a calm, it’s a wave, it’s a feel.

A feel of you, i feel for you as pillows take your place but it’s not quite the same.

It aches us both we’re far from what we’re meant to be.

Deep sleep in the deep of your arms that’s where I’m meant to be.


I know that you feel like we aren’t ready for this and that’s okay, I just don’t want you to get to a point where you don’t want to be ready at all. I do realise that we are young and we have life ahead of us so it’s inevitable we’ll change… soo much but I want to be so comfortable with you to accept, encourage and learn from your changes and vice versa. In order to do this I want to give you your space and I don’t want to limit you. I don’t want you to suffocate because you feel I want or need you a certain way, that’s not the case. None of us asked for this, yet, here we are.

I want you to feel happy and we can make a thousand trial and errors before then but that’s the goal, for you to be happy. I don’t ever want you to feel alone, even in your darkest times, you shouldn’t suffer in silence, I’m here. I want us to be vulnerable with each other, without reactions and assumptions. We deserve that.